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30 April, 2024

Buy Luxury Property with Bijou Résidence

Unlock the doors to a truly compelling opportunity to buy luxury property in Mauritius with Bijou Résidence. Nestled on the West Coast, the Flic en Flac area is a coveted destination for any discerning property owner. Developed under the Smart City Scheme, this prestigious real estate gem offers a seamless blend of sophistication and tropical charm. Bijou Résidence promises an upscale lifestyle, stunning scenery and unparalleled access to an array of first-class amenities.

This opulent complex sprawling across 6 acres represents a pioneering project within Medine Smart City. It boasts a prime location in a region renowned for its beauty and potential. As a property owner, you will have access to stylishly designed luxury properties, including initially 24 apartments, 4 penthouses and 8 villas, all equipped throughout with contemporary fixtures and fittings, and immersed in enchanting natural surroundings featuring captivating vistas.

Redefining the essence of sophisticated living, Bijou Résidence extends beyond exceptional real estate. We offer luxury property management services, ensuring your investment thrives while you relish a worry-free lifestyle in Mauritius. A hand-picked team of experts handles every single detail to allow you to unwind and enjoy the serenity of your island haven.

Choosing to buy luxury property at Bijou Résidence isn’t just about acquiring real estate; it is about embracing a dream lifestyle.

Why move to the west of Mauritius?

The West of Mauritius is known for its excellent real estate investment opportunities, with values appreciating due to the high demand for luxury homes nestled in excellent locations. However, those who buy luxury property at Bijou Résidence will enjoy more than just a splendid home, with a captivating blend of exquisite natural beauty, vibrant activity and upscale living.

The magnificence of the scenery will turn your head with an alluring combination of laid-back island charm and exhilarating sights. This breathtaking backdrop provides a constant reminder of the surrounding natural splendour. Transcending a mere vacation destination, the west coast of Mauritius is a holistic haven crafted for discerning property buyers seeking a life of refinement and fulfilment.

The area boasts some of the island’s best beaches, brimming with a pristine 13 km coastline. This translates to endless opportunities for water-based activities – swimming, snorkelling, diving, windsurfing and more – for the entire family, or simply relaxing on the beach with a good book.

Beyond the spectacular white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and vibrant coral reefs, the region beckons with a symphony of experiences catering to the mind, body and spirit. With a pulsating cultural scene and a diversity of land-based pursuits, the West of Mauritius offers a lifestyle that few places in the world can match.

Owners of the luxury properties for sale at Bijou Résidence will enjoy majestic mountains and spectacular sunsets on the west coast in Flic en Flac, a vibrant coastal village. For the adventurous spirit, explore the wonderful landscapes of the Black River Gorges National Park with its lush rainforests, cascading waterfalls and diverse wildlife. You can also access top-tier golf courses and nature and wellness activities including biking trails, horseback riding and exclusive spa experiences.

The laid-back lifestyle in this part of the island, filled with adventure and luxury, appeals to families, retirees, and anyone seeking a tranquil yet stylish environment to escape to.

Discover the enchanting west coast of Mauritius

Advantages of living in the West of Mauritius

The West of Mauritius, considered the quintessential location on the island, is rapidly evolving as a Land of Possibilities. Choosing this area to buy luxury property means more than accessing beautiful landscapes and a relaxed lifestyle; it offers robust infrastructure, world-class facilities and a safe environment. Owning luxury properties at Bijou Résidence unlocks a world of benefits that boost your island experience.

Medine Smart City, where the luxury homes of Bijou Résidence are located, further elevates the experience. Residents enjoy convenient proximity to an array of educational and healthcare facilities, luxury shopping, entertainment, fine dining with a selection of delectable local and international cuisine, and vibrant nightlife options. The well-developed road and transport infrastructure, along with upcoming developments, ensure easy commutes within the region and beyond.

For those seeking professional growth, Medine Smart City offers a dedicated business park, catering to enterprises of all sizes and providing ample work and business opportunities. The area also harbours some of the island’s best international schools and the Uniciti Education Hub provides a comprehensive education offering for all ages, from nursery to higher education and executive training.

Additionally, Bijou Résidence is designed with a commitment to spacious living with only 20% of the site developed, fostering a connection with nature through green corridors leading to the Magenta promenade for picnics and exploring the region’s beauty. An exclusive lifestyle membership also unlocks a treasure trove of premium leisure options within Medine Smart City.

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Luxury property management by Bijou Résidence

Owning one of our luxury homes in the West of Mauritius is an undeniable dream. Imagine waking up to gorgeous views, enjoying island activities and retreating to your own private haven. But what about getting professional, worry-free management of your investment? This is where Bijou Résidence steps in as a trusted partner that understands your needs as a property owner.

Developed by Eiffel Property, a distinguished player among property developers in Mauritius, we offer unparalleled quality and exclusive amenities. Going beyond simply selling luxury properties, our team of dedicated professionals provides comprehensive property management services that ensure your peace of mind and protect your investment while you enjoy your ultimate island lifestyle.

We leverage our expertise to ensure you secure a property that aligns with your vision and maximise your return on investment. We meticulously craft every detail to meet our clientele’s high expectations and ensure a hassle-free ownership experience. Relax with the knowledge that your property is in good hands and let us take care of the details while you fully experience the magic of your Mauritian haven.

Can foreigners buy luxury property in Mauritius?

For foreign investors seeking an idyllic island escape, owning luxury properties in the West of Mauritius presents a world of possibilities. Leveraging the Smart City Scheme, Bijou Résidence embodies the concept of sustainable and intelligent living, with a compelling package of benefits for foreign property owners, promoting investment, residency and a luxurious lifestyle.

Established under the Economic Development Board Act, the scheme aims to create sustainable and innovative urban living spaces in Mauritius. These smart cities prioritise environmental responsibility by promoting renewable energy and water resources, alongside state-of-the-art connectivity, smart transportation systems and reduced traffic congestion. This translates to a high quality of life for residents.

The scheme offers an attractive opportunity for foreign investors looking to buy luxury property in Mauritius for personal use, as a holiday or retirement home or a lucrative investment. Anyone, including non-citizens, can acquire a built-up residential property, either as an individual or through an entity like a company or trust. There is also no minimum purchase price for residential units.

Foreign investors and their families gain access to a potential pathway to residency, in addition to acquiring luxury properties. Under specific regulations, non-citizens who acquire a residential property valued at USD 375,000 or more (or the equivalent in another currency) are eligible for a residence permit under the Immigration Act. This permit remains valid as long as the property ownership under the scheme continues.

A foreign property owner who qualifies as a tax resident may benefit from a favourable tax regime. Investors at Bijou Résidence enjoy low property tax rates and no capital gains tax, among others, which further enhances the appeal of property ownership on the west coast of Mauritius.

Owning a luxury property at Bijou Résidence in the West of Mauritius is a gateway to a dream lifestyle. Embrace the island’s beauty, explore endless possibilities, and benefit from a secure and rewarding investment in one of the world’s most beautiful locations.

Embrace your Mauritian dream at Bijou Résidence

Unveiling the enchantment of the West of Mauritius

Endowed with strong growth potential, the west coast of Mauritius is a region that offers more than just luxury properties; it is a gateway to a life of splendour surrounded by the natural beauty of a unique island. Bijou Résidence is here to guide you through this landscape, providing expert advice and services that ensure your real estate journey is as luxurious and rewarding as our properties.

We present you with a sound opportunity to invest in your dream, promising extraordinary returns in both quality of life and financial growth. Explore an exclusive lifestyle in Mauritius where the sky meets the ocean – explore Bijou Résidence, your key to unlocking the magic of the West of Mauritius.

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