Retire in Mauritius with a touch of Luxury Living

14 June, 2024

Mauritius, known for its breathtaking landscapes and serene lifestyle, is an ideal destination for retirees seeking luxury and comfort. Work has been your priority for decades, and now has come the time to peacefully retire in Mauritius, a haven awaiting and starting the rest of your new life. 

A pleasant climate, political stability, and a high standard of living awaits. Retirees can enjoy pristine beaches, vibrant cultural experiences, and a welcoming community. The island’s strategic location and connectivity make it a convenient retirement destination. Mauritius is a melting pot of cultures, with a rich history and diverse traditions. When you retire in Mauritius, brace yourself to enjoy a range of cultural festivals, local cuisine, and community events. Social integration is easy, with many expat communities and social clubs to join.

Why Retire in Mauritius? 

Mauritius boasts a blend of cultural diversity, excellent healthcare, and a stable economy. The friendly and welcoming local population makes it easy for retirees to feel at home. With an array of recreational activities and a relaxed pace of life, Mauritius provides an ideal environment for enjoying the golden years.

Additionally, investing in Mauritian real estate provides retirees with luxurious living options and potential financial benefits. The country’s economy has been growing and offering opportunities for the rise in expatriate living. Villas, Penthouses, and Apartments in the west of mauritius offer stunning ocean views, modern amenities, and proximity to essential services. The property market is robust, ensuring long-term value and a comfortable lifestyle for those ready to make the leap.

Explore the western coast of Mauritius, where opportunities and advantages are waiting to be discovered.

Health Security and Benefits in Mauritius 

There are numerous benefits to living in Mauritius.  Mauritius boasts a comprehensive healthcare system with state-of-the-art health care access. For instance, the country offers free medical support for the local population while having several dedicated medical amenities and bringing a ratio of 1 doctor for each 10 inhabitants. Retirees can access quality healthcare services, including private hospitals and specialised medical care. Health insurance options in Mauritius are available to ensure a worry-free retirement with several secured insurance packages even covering medical repatriation. The Medine Group’s investment in a private hospital is a testament to the advanced healthcare services available.

What activities to Do When You Retire in Mauritius?

The western region of Mauritius is rich in activities when you retire in Mauritius with Bijou Résidence. From golfing and fishing to exploring nature reserves and cultural sites, there is something for everyone. Feel free to investigate these links from our website for a quick glance at activities awaiting.

  • The Surroundings: Discover the natural beauty and attractions of the west.
  • The Lifestyle: Embrace the vibrant and relaxed lifestyle in Mauritius.
  • Connecting the West: Learn how the west coast Mauritius is well-connected and convenient for retirees.

Investing as a Retiree, Exploring Property Opportunities with Bijou

Retirees have a range of property options to choose from when trusting Bijou Properties. Our Villas offer spacious living with private gardens and pools, ideal for those who value privacy and luxury. On the other hand, our Penthouses provide stunning views and modern amenities, perfect for those looking for an upscale living experience. While our luxury properties offer convenience and community living, often located near essential services and recreational facilities, the icing on the cake to retire in Mauritius.

Mauritius presents a perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and adventure for retirees. With excellent real estate opportunities, top-notch healthcare, and a plethora of activities, it’s a destination worth considering. Time to make the leap and invest in Mauritius! Contact Bijou to explore more about retiring in Mauritius and finding your dream property.



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