Invest in Luxury, Buy an Apartment in Mauritius

30 May, 2024

Luxury Apartments in the West of Mauritius

Owning one of the luxury apartments for sale in Mauritius isn’t just about acquiring a property; it is an investment in one of the world’s most idyllic island destinations, and the freest and most business-friendly country in Africa. You will become a property owner with a piece of real estate in a wonderful location, surrounded by stunning natural beauty.

Imagine a life filled with convenience, endless possibilities and a deep connection to nature. This isn’t a dream; it is your everyday reality when you buy an apartment in Mauritius. Here is your chance to open up a world of exciting opportunities and lifestyle benefits. 

Luxury apartments in Mauritius offer a haven of sophistication and comfort, with spacious living areas adorned with high-end finishes and modern amenities. They are designed to elevate your everyday living and provide a sanctuary to unwind and recharge in harmony with nature.

As a property owner, you will embrace a relaxed lifestyle in Mauritius. Picture yourself getting pampered at a luxurious spa, exploring world-class shops or indulging in a delicious meal at a gourmet restaurant. You can also spend your days exploring lush landscapes, enjoying leisurely strolls and sun-drenched picnics, indulging in water sports like swimming, snorkelling, or windsurfing or soaking up the vibrant culture.

Depending on the location of your apartment, you might gain access to exclusive amenities and services within developments like Medine Smart City, with state-of-the-art sports facilities, world-class educational institutions and a lively social scene right at your doorstep.

Overall, buying an apartment in Mauritius signifies an investment in a secure, beautiful, and prosperous future.

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Buy an Apartment in Mauritius with Bijou Résidence

Embark on the exciting process of buying an apartment in Mauritius with Bijou Résidence, whether it is your first home, an investment or a holiday getaway. Nestled in the heart of a thriving community, our exclusive collection of 24 luxury apartments for sale in Mauritius are designed to elevate your everyday living, inviting you to experience unparalleled comfort, style and convenience.

Bijou Résidence is a masterpiece meticulously crafted by Eiffel Property, one of the most trusted and respected property developers in Mauritius, renowned for its commitment to grand architectural design and luxurious living. Ranging from 195m² to a sprawling 260m², each of the two- or three-bedroom apartments for sale on four levels offers amenities such as a private laundry and drying yard, a fully fitted kitchen including high-end appliances, air conditioning in all bedrooms, ceiling fans in living areas as well as an additional storage unit and visitor parking.

A spacious layout with modern finishes, high-end amenities and expansive windows creates an environment of light and sophistication. The open-plan design seamlessly connects the living areas with the balcony, fostering a sense of spaciousness and blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living. A low-density approach also preserves the natural beauty of the surroundings.

An optional turnkey furniture package allows property owners to choose from a selection of high-quality designs and finishes to personalise their space and create a home that truly reflects their unique style. Bijou Résidence has a dedicated team available to guide buyers through every step of the process, ensuring a stress-free experience from start to finish.

Owning one of the luxury properties at Bijou Résidence goes beyond enjoying the exclusivity of a luxury private retreat. Their prime location in the charming area of Flic en Flac provides the perfect base to explore the beauty of the famed West of Mauritius, a land of possibilities renowned for its white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees and mesmerising sunsets painting the sky with vibrant hues. A warm sub-tropical climate ranging from 18°C to 30°C beckons you to revel in an exhilarating outdoor, family-friendly culture.

Residents have access to the unparalleled lifestyle of the West of Mauritius at Bijou Résidence. This first-of-its-kind development is situated in the heart of Medine Smart City, which is within easy reach of top-notch facilities like the SPARC sports centre, along with trendy shopping and nightlife options, restaurants, world-class educational and healthcare institutions as well as modern workspaces. Dedicated play areas and childcare facilities ensure a nurturing environment for your children. Additionally, excellent transportation infrastructure ensures easy connectivity to other parts of the island.

Whether you crave relaxation or adventure, the surroundings of Bijou Résidence in the West of Mauritius offers an endless playground for all. You can spend your days swimming in crystal-clear waters, exploring hidden coves teeming with marine life or indulging in fun-filled water sports. The wealth of experiences waiting to be discovered also includes exploring the luxurious landscapes of nature parks, teeing off on championship golf courses or simply relaxing along the 13km of pristine coastline.

A pioneering development built on the principles of sustainability and innovation, Medine Smart City is also committed to green principles. Expect lush parks, energy-efficient buildings and a focus on eco-friendly practices that contribute to a more sustainable living environment.

Living at Bijou Résidence places you at the heart of it all, giving you a taste of the very best that the west coast of Mauritius has to offer. A unique Membership Programme also offers three packages to choose from, granting access to a range of premium offerings within the smart city to elevate your lifestyle and ensure you get the most out of your investment.

More than acquiring a luxury property, buying an apartment in Mauritius with Bijou Résidence is an investment in a life less ordinary. Our portfolio of luxury properties for sale also includes meticulously crafted penthouses and carefully curated villas.

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Advantages of Buying an Apartment in Mauritius

Purchasing a luxury apartment in Mauritius opens the door to a world of possibilities, including the chance to live, work and study in the country, with a convenient time zone (GMT+4). Mauritius is also a haven for investors, offering an attractive fiscal regime. Key incentives include low corporate and income tax rates (15%), no capital gains tax or inheritance tax on property and free repatriation of profits and capital.

There are various advantages to becoming a homeowner in Mauritius. With an idyllic island lifestyle as the backdrop, an impressive track record of political stability and sustained economic growth translates to a secure investment environment with a well-established legal system. This peaceful, multi-ethnic nation, offers a unique blend of cultures, creating a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

Tips for Foreigners to Buy an Apartment in Mauritius

As a foreigner captivated by the beauty of Mauritius, you might be wondering if you can own an apartment in the country? The answer is a resounding yes! Bijou Résidence offers exquisite luxury apartments for sale in Mauritius, making it possible for you to invest in your dream island property.

Foreigners are eligible to buy a luxury apartment in Mauritius under the Smart City Scheme introduced by the Government in 2015. Unlike the Property Development Scheme, which may have specific price points, there is no minimum investment threshold required and no restrictions on the rental or resale of residential units. This makes smart city apartments potentially more accessible to a wider range of foreign buyers.

While a minimum investment isn’t mandatory, with a purchase price of USD375,000 or more, you will be eligible to apply for a Mauritian residence permit. This opens the door to a world of possibilities, allowing you to live, work, study and potentially start a business in the country.

Additional considerations include choosing a reputable developer like Eiffel Property, with a proven track record and a commitment to high-quality construction. Consider consulting with a lawyer specialising in Mauritian real estate to ensure a smooth and secure transaction. Also factor in potential ongoing costs like maintenance fees and property taxes. Upon successful purchase, you will become the legal freehold owner of your apartment. This offers greater ownership security compared to leasehold arrangements.

Prospective property owners may contact Bijou Résidence to answer any questions they may have about the Smart City Scheme and the purchase process.

A Unique Opportunity to Become a Property Owner in Mauritius

Buying an apartment in Mauritius at Bijou Résidence is an invitation to a life brimming with possibilities. Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of the west coast of Mauritius, a haven of tranquillity where sophistication meets endless adventure.

Bijou Résidence offers more than just stunning scenery. Our luxury properties are designed for spacious living, seamlessly blending modern amenities with breathtaking natural beauty. As a resident, you will unlock a world of exclusive privileges within the innovative Medine Smart City. A unique Membership Programme also grants you access to premium offerings within the smart city, further elevating your Mauritian experience.

Mauritius itself offers a wealth of advantages. This peaceful, multi-ethnic country with an impressive track record of political stability and sustained economic growth offers a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere. Furthermore, as a homeowner, you may be eligible to apply for a Mauritian residence permit.

More than an acquisition, buying an apartment in Mauritius is an investment in a life less ordinary. Contact us today and let us unveil the countless reasons why Bijou Résidence is the perfect gateway to your Mauritian dream.

Take hold of your own personal paradise by investing in a luxury apartment at Bijou Résidence!



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